Words to Live and Write by

I am willing to fall Because I have learned how to rise.

I craft Love from heartbreak, Compassion from shame, Grace from disappointment, Courage from failure.

I am among the brave and brokenhearted, and I am rising strong.

(credit to Brene Brown)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ten is too many

It's the end of the day; dinner and bath time are done, and it's finally Lana's bedtime. We grab a couple books, as usual, and with a great sigh I read the first title, "One to ten." Anthony groans and says, "It should be 'One to Three.'" For some reason, this strikes us both as so hilarious it takes a full three minutes to regroup. Poor Lana must think we're crazy.

(This isn't the book we have, but it's close enough.)