Words to Live and Write by

I am willing to fall Because I have learned how to rise.

I craft Love from heartbreak, Compassion from shame, Grace from disappointment, Courage from failure.

I am among the brave and brokenhearted, and I am rising strong.

(credit to Brene Brown)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 - Trujillo Style

Halloween is tomorrow, but I think we've had a few adventures worth telling already.

First, we took Lana to a pumpkin patch and attempted to get one of those cutesy pics of baby-on-a-pumpkin. Here's the best we got:

I think she was a little confused about why she had to sit on pumpkins. I guess I can't blame her, really. Why DO we make babies do this pose?

Anyway, then we had lots of fun CARVING the pumpkins. Here I am, intensely focused on making mine beautiful.


 This was Anthony's pumpkin original:

I carved a witch for Lana, and all together they looked pretty good!

Ooh, Pretty!!

Then, we had fun dressing up for our ward's Halloween party. Can you guess what famous trio we are supposed to be?

 We even won "best costume" award! Cool!

Today, however, was our Halloween letdown. We learned an important lesson about properly storing beautifully carved pumpkins. Apparently, you are NOT supposed to leave them inside your nicely warmed house, or THIS will happen:

Our poor pumpkins!

 Next year.... next year we'll get this Halloween thing right!

Love to all, Anthony, Hannah, and Lana